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July 1, 2018

The 5 things

Hello! So its been a year I guess. As per the headline, lets make it quick on the 5 things that I think its good to share on.

Number one: I do not take advice from people who have not been in the situations or problems I am dealing with. Because they tend to give me things they thought would do best on me; which is so wrong; rather than to place themselves in my shoes and try to figure out things from here.

Number two: I dislike some girls who keep on complaining about their ages once they turn into twenty. Your life span not gonna end at twenty, as long as you stay away from drugs and harmful chemicals, you are safe. Twenty is just a number, and I don’t see anything wrong by being a woman and a grown up young lady. Wake up, it’s time to say bye-bye to your sweet seventeenths.

Number three: Just because you are annoyed and mad at someone, it does not mean that you have the right to channel your annoyance to everyone who happens to unfortunately bump into you. If you do not want to get easily annoyed, stop acting like you are the keepers of everyone’s diary and journal.

Number four: I hate smokers. Not because they smoke, but because they let others to inhale the 250 harmful secretions and contribute to hundreds of death due to cancers. I do not campaign them to quit smoking, though that is my real intention. I just want them to consider exhaling out their cigarettes smoke in public.

Number five: I am paranoid. I know how to handle my paranoia without firing bullets of words to anyone. Everybody has the tendency to get paranoid. That’s not your faults. Whenever I am offended by someone, I don’t go selling my words to everyone to hate him/her. I cry, weep and write everything down. Because I never sure whether they are talking about me or somebody else. Know how to handle your paranoia, because you do not want others to be paranoid as well.

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July 25, 2017

Plants and flowers

perfume, he reminds me of
a spicey scent, it breathes into me
like how lovers bend…
lovers bend like plants and flowers
sprawled on a stained bed-
he told me he loved me-
but now he is dead-

touch, he adores me of
so much intent, content, it stalks me by wire
like how lovers grow 
and so they grow like fire..
they grow like plants and flowers
garnished on black soil -is his skin-
he told me he’ll never leave me
but now he’s buried in-between-

chillis, hot(knot)-tongued squeezing
through and through,
like how lovers entangle..and those lovers they entangle
under sky blue
they tangle like plants and flowers
eating each other alive
he told me “kiss me”
then borned a double-edged knife-

those lovers they bend
those lovers like fire
those lovers they tangle
those lovers… conspire
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May 26, 2017


Everything takes patience now. Got my first wage. Feel proud of self haha. Still. I ain't buyin anything yet. Coz I havta use it for my next plan and stuffs. Not gonna work for the rest of my life so I will make sure to be organized and systematic in my future plans (may Allah ease). Feels like after this I need to start bringing food from home instead. But always tempted to buy takeouts. But yeah.. hoping that this time I won't have problems with salaries anymore. Hope that I will get my next pay on time and stuff. Hope that things go well. I won't have anything much left. So, yeah. Patience. Be patient is not easy. But I need to suck all the patience in and refrain from buying the things I want.

But food? Food is essential too :)

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May 19, 2017

It’s that fear of…

It’s that fear of sadness and being sad
It’s that fear of being disappointed
It’s that fear of expecting too much after telling yourself not to
It’s that fear of seeing the people you love walk away from you
It’s that fear of loneliness despite the noisiness
It’s that fear of having yourself hurt
It’s that fear of wanting something but not knowing what it is
It’s that fear of having your heart breaks and broken
It’s that fear of having to pick yourself up
It’s that fear of having to walk in bruises
It’s that fear of telling yourself, “Time will heal”
It’s that fear of keeping things to yourself
It’s that fear of having to put up lies, “I’m fine. Thank you.”
It’s that fear of having to weep until you sleep
It’s that fear of forcing yourself to be busy just to make your brain forget
It’s that fear of believing that you don’t deserve to be happy
It’s that fear of growing old alone
It’s that fear of choosing to live in denial over realities
It’s that fear of wondering if you can even love again
It’s that fear of despising romantic love stories and songs
It’s that fear of being loved

Because you fear that you might not be able to return the love
Because you’re not sure if there’s still love left for you to give
Or because you have forgotten how love feels like
Or because you pretend to forget how love feels like
So that if it breaks you, you can pretend that it’s none of your business.

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May 17, 2017

Third class mentality guy

Guys talk big about wanting girls who stay when they don't have anything but when he owns everything he leaves the girl and goes for another. God gave you someone who'd go through ups and downs with you once you're on top of the world you forget her. Don't ask who'd stay when you have nothing, ask yourself first if you'd stay when you have everything. okay?
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May 10, 2017


He’s home yet he is not here,
He’s invisible.
He hears me but he stays mute,
He sees me but he stays blind.
He’s the one soul I could not catch,
He’s the spirit that walks through me.
He turns strong by turning me weak,
He’s gone whenever I seek
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April 28, 2017

Many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold

Many people misunderstand the concept of blessing and punishment. Even I was. To us, happiness, wealth and success are the blessings, while sadness, poverty and failure are the punishment. We often have the wrong idea on the purpose of why Allah sends us hardships. Most of the times, happiness is sent not to bless us, but to test us. On quite the opposite way, the sadness, in which many of us usually regard it as His punishment, is actually sent to bless and purify us.

How do we know which one of these things is a blessing, and which one is a punishment? I got this from Yasmin Mogahed’s speech “Hardships and the path to God". She said that a blessing should be able to make you closer to Allah. It is supposed to thicken your faith. Sometimes, it comes as or in a worldly problem such as losing something you love the most. Just because He takes something special away from you, doesn't mean He is punishing you. If after your loss, you find yourself praying to Allah in a way you have never done before, in a way that it thickens your faith and detaches you from the world and its pleasures; it is indeed, a blessing.

On the other hand, a punishment is something that draws you away from Him. It doesn’t matter; it could be a failure and it could also be happiness. I have faced both kinds of punishment; the kind that purifies me, and the kind that blesses me. Maybe it would rather be easier for me to explain it from my personal life examples.

Have you ever sat down and thought, whether what you ask after your prayers is a do’a, or just phrases that you happened to have memorised or practice since you were kids; because you were told by your parents these are the do’a you should recite after your prayers, so you just say the do’a and by the time you realise, you already reach to the last part when you say “Amin”. After that, you fold the praying mat and leave, without really knowing what have you actually asked? That was my mistake. I focus on dunya but no on the Hereafter. Here is a false attachment – my false attachment to this dunya.

The failures I have faced before were the wake-up calls from Allah but I failed to see them in that way. Pain and failures are the wake-up calls from Allah. Allah is trying to tell me, you, all of us… that something is wrong with our attachments; we might have to re-evaluate and correct it before He does.

Now, another way on how to distinguish between punishment and blessing is to look at the results. If the results make you feel ungrateful and make you ask Him “Why?” then it is a sign of punishment. Then again, punishment is not really a bad thing, because punishment is not meant to punish you, but to purify you. I define “purify” as a given chance for you to readjust your intention. When one’s heart has been purified, the person should be able to see what was wrong in his previous doings, where did he put his expectations and hopes on, before he can set it right.

Now, that is a punishment to purify you… but what about happiness sent to test you?

My past experiences taught me that when someone tries to correct us and we feel offended, that hard blow thrown at us is what makes me remember more and eventually, we will learn to accept. As I said earlier, most people tend to misinterpret happiness for being blessing. Again, a blessing is supposed to move you closer to Him

I’m not trying to show that I'm perfect. To be honest, sometimes, I wonder about His plans by keep on asking why this and that, why me?! But now, the more I wonder, the more I believe He has something really special for me. "On those who are patient shall receive their reward in full, without reckoning." Qur'an, 39:10. 

Understanding all this made me realize where does the term “blessings in disguise” come from. The blessings don’t have necessarily come after the hardships but it could also be that the blessings have been with us all this while. Like the quote from Maurice Setter, "Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold”, yea..

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April 14, 2017

Oh NO!

Sometimes, I think poetry is just like vegetables.
I remember when I was young and when vegetables (you name it: carrots, cabbages etc) were the biggest enemies I’ve ever known. They tasted like hate and usually came along with either my father or mother’s punch line “Eat it or you’re not getting (insert anything desirable here)”.
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