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June 1, 2014

Skipping class

Skipping class felt, stupid. It's not that it's a stupid thing to do, hey, everyone has their own way of filling their days. Sometimes with even better things than listening to lectures. The main reason for skipping three classes today was to finish my assignments apart from clearing the mess out of my mind. And it just felt stupid doing so. All day I sat on my desk with no internet, staring outside my window, counting the number of buses coming in and out of the front gate, the slow and fast pace of people walking under the rain, listening to the rain dropped heavier and heavier, feeling the rough wind, soft wind against my face, letting them blow through my hair shaping them into whatever style it pleased, and that's it. My assignments were still pending. And I didn't walk under the rain. Damn it. I didn't walk under the rain, feel the pool of water in my sneakers nor feel the mush of sweat and rainwater on my face. None.

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