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November 17, 2016

Why do I have to fall in love with the wrong persons?

I constantly ask myself this question, “Why do I have to fall in love with the wrong persons? Is it necessary? Are the feelings are a test from Allah or are they just a matter of our own nafs? I wish someone or a scholar could talk and elaborate more on this in the light of al-Qur’an.”

But the truth is, I or any of us don’t need a scholar to explain to us why, because if we have faith, if our relationship with Allah is good, if Allah is always in our heart, if we keep our life busy with the remembrance of Allah, if we practice what the people of taqwa do, if we lower our gaze, if we know what are differences between nafs, dunya and His eternal gifts in Jannah, if we really understand our purpose in this dunya, if we recognize our duty to perfecting our religion and our love to Allah before our love to His creations, if we understand well the concept of worldly pleasures and attachment – we wouldn’t never feel lonely or being rejected, or being wronged or being in the state of broken-hearted because of our unreturned love we have with some random guys we have a crush on, who probably would not realize our existence or could not care less about us. We wouldn’t even fall in love at the first place.

The truth is that – it is actually as simple as that. But we humans always make things complicated. We mess our life up with our own desires then when we fall, we blame life and ask Allah “Why this? Why me?”

Because our definition of happiness is, "When someone we love, loves us back." But we forget about His love, and Mercy that the Qur'an has described, surpasses the love of a mother to her son; the love that He gives and pours on us every single day and night. We don't care about The One up there who always loves us, who always with us to listen to our problems, who returns us His love but so often, we keep His love unreturned.

O Allah, pls forgive us :(

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