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November 28, 2016

Because I am scared

I feel scared to browse the Internet, to browse down my Twitter timeline and Facebook newsfeed;
because I am scared of what I might find, see or read;

Of people who love to criticise one another without learning how to empathise;

Of 'religious people' and how they love to jump at others with their haram fatwa and make everybody look so wrong and sinful.

The truth is...

I am scared of all these people,

of all these things.

I log in to my Twitter and only dare to stay on my Interaction and Mention page.

I log in to my Facebook and keep my eyes at the notifications ONLY.

I log in to my Instagram only if I receive notifications.

Because I am scared.

Because I'm scared of the word, "HARAM" and the conversations that follow after it.

I am scared.

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