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November 14, 2016

Still stuck in reverse

people in your life will come and go like ships that harbours on an island.

some may stay longer, 
many may swiftly go away.
a few will never leave you 
and decide to stay forever.

i believe that they are people that come across your life,
knowing you a little but that just is.
maybe some of them will remember you, 
perhaps because of one small yet significant role you've played in their life.

some, will get to know you  deeper, 
but not close enough for you to pour everything out.
they'll stay in your life long enough.

but they are a few, so small in number, perhaps two or three, 
that know all your deepest and dirtiest little secrets in life,
but still stay with you and accept it wholeheartedly.
they don't judge your past, and see you only as what you are in the present,
and yet optimistically believe you'll be better in future. 
even if you're not, they don't care about it anyway.  

but it's hard to find these people. 
for many of them, once told, will judge you,
and won't see you as they see you before.

but they are all the same. 
they are your friend, ur loved ones or perhaps, strangers.
they are people who owns a heart just like you.

i hope i'll be able to meet every one of them.
n sail in the ship of friendship.
and learn as much as many from them.
make as many memories with them
before their ships start sailing away. 

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