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October 19, 2014

IIUM 30th C. Day


All praise to Allah The Most High

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October 12, 2014

Day Challenge!

I finally decide to accept the 365 Day Challenge considering my lack of ideas to write something here. I felt the urge to write, but none actually came out of me and this very page was left with old post covered in dust. 

So, hurmmm. Hopes, dreams & plans eh?
I don't know whether this can be achieved in the time of a year from the moment I wrote them down but I hope by that time, at least I would be a bit near towards reaching them. 

1. Each day, I hope that I am a step closer to Allah.
This would be my topmost wish. Forever. And for all of you out there. I want to learn more, practice more & love more about my Creator and my Faith.

2. To increase my CGPA and .
If it was for me, I am just content for having to learn something I am very passionate about. A great result would be a bonus for me but a great result would be a gift for my parents. So, this one goes especially for them.

3. To at least try 5 different sport & adventures.
These are currently on top of my list.
- Wall climbing/ Rock Climbing
- Bungee Jumping
- Paintball
- White water rafting
- Hiking


4. To travel to at least travel to 3 foreign lands.
Road trips, couch surfing, leisure travel or whatever it is. 
These are the lands which I wish to step my feet on *for now* :-
- Indonesia
- Singapore
- Pulau Perhentian
- Sabah/Sarawak

5. To involve more in voluntary and charity work. 

6. To buy these things using MY OWN money
- Fujifilm Instax Panda
- Digital Camera
- Smartphone
- New bookshelves & drawers fr my room

7. To find another source of income beside scholarships

8. To learn more of these
- Cooking & Baking
- Sewing
- DIY/Handmade products
- Language (Mandarin or Spanish or French)

9. To get fit & eat healthily

10. To be a miracle each day and make every day worthwhile

There are many other things that I wish to write down. A lot of small goals which I wish to achieve and also some bad habits which I wish to get rid off. But up there would be the big things I wish to do within 365 days. Let's just hope for the very best. :D

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