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January 25, 2016



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January 18, 2016

GBH 16/1/16

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January 1, 2016


Well, hello there. It's been a while. It feels like meeting an old friend.

I should penned this somewhere. Somewhere that I might come across someday.

I tend to forget things. My mind is a mess, cluttered with unnecessary thoughts. I don't know what went wrong really but it's becoming a mess now. There are two basis for this circumstances. Number one: That's what happen to everyone when you grow up; you're mind becomes so cluttered you don't even know where to begin with. Or number two: I tend to bottled things up instead of writing it down. I don't know how to keep reminding myself again and again or even to find the time to do it but I really think writing things down helps. Even more so, I think it's becoming more important now that I've grown up and have much to say but kept it all in my mind. 

Oh, by the way, hello adulthood! I am now a working adult. Graduated and about to leave my mark on this work (yeah, right). I must say that working life is hell if you stuck in a job you hate. In the midst of not writing about any updates or whatsoever about my life, I'd done a part time job during my second year of undergrad, graduated, get a practical job as a teacher while keeping up my part time job &quit my first full time job because I hate it and get a new job.

I really wish I could write it all down in slower pace, with more details and stuff so that my future generation could read it later but now, it seems a bit too overwhelming to write up posts on everything that's happening. Anyhow, I promise myself to keep writing. I want to get back to writing things down on a diary, on this blog or anywhere. A personal blog where I can discuss more on serious matter - my thoughts on issue I considered important, inspirations and more. I'm also thinking of a blog where I can write about Islam or at least what I think of the beauty of my religion is. But that's probably will not happen in near future (but I will keep it in my mind). 

If I were to become a writer cum activist who inspire and empower people (HAHA, yeah right), I need to start doing something now. That is to start writing seriously in a medium where I can reach the masses and to work on a non-profit organisation so that I can gain as many experience and contacts before working on my own cause. 

p/s: I guess this is my first post for 2016 (wow! see how dusty this blog is?), so....HELLO 2016!
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