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July 25, 2017

Plants and flowers

perfume, he reminds me of
a spicey scent, it breathes into me
like how lovers bend…
lovers bend like plants and flowers
sprawled on a stained bed-
he told me he loved me-
but now he is dead-

touch, he adores me of
so much intent, content, it stalks me by wire
like how lovers grow 
and so they grow like fire..
they grow like plants and flowers
garnished on black soil -is his skin-
he told me he’ll never leave me
but now he’s buried in-between-

chillis, hot(knot)-tongued squeezing
through and through,
like how lovers entangle..and those lovers they entangle
under sky blue
they tangle like plants and flowers
eating each other alive
he told me “kiss me”
then borned a double-edged knife-

those lovers they bend
those lovers like fire
those lovers they tangle
those lovers… conspire
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