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April 30, 2013


"Kau patut amek minor Sociology, kau terlalu cintakan manusia"

Well, yalah, betul kata kau. As much as I hate to admit it, there are still small things in human that I love so much. Orang orang biasa yang jalan tepi tepi jalan tu pon mampu beri perubahan dengan memberi sedikit inspirasi, beri sedikit nafas baru terhadap kehidupan pada diri aku.

Dan dengan itu, aku decide *ini nekad oke takda berpaling dah lepas ni*, aku akan pursue untuk ambil minor Sociology. Bukan sebab peluang pekerjaan, tapi sebab aku tahu aku akan suka apa aku belajar nanti. 

sekian. ;) 
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April 10, 2013


Ask the world to feed you love
and the sun will enfold you
its warmth will remind you
of blankets of the seas
the low tide waves
soft caressing your skin
comfort will it bring

Ask the world to feed you love
and the moon will smile at you
its light will guide your lips
from one tip to the other tip
ear to ear
soon you'll hear
crickets sing
peace will it bring

Ask the world to feed you love
and trees will embrace you
their twigs will scratch the threads of your clothes
thrust into your skin; from head to toe
blood shall flow
still, the leaves
will shelter you forever
while you stand beneath them alone
they'll be the roof of your home
safety will it bring

Ask the world to feed you love
and mountains will call out to you
their icy tip breeze will eerily
echo a powerful melody
of coldness and agony
but dress your mind with the garments of a king
and continue climbing with arms reaching
one step onto the other
your feet will know no shiver
your teeth will know no quiver
and when you are up there
ask your eyes to conquer
the every delights of the earth
success will it bring

Ask the world to feed you love
and you will find a coffee shop
its sensuous design may tingle your heart
its fragrance's divine; may toy with you mind
intoxicate you to welcome yourself in
as lightness dances all over your skin
and you will float about
till you drop on the floor
and you see there before
your eyes
your ears
your nose
your tongue
a face
of a familiar stranger
who rhymes with your future
and when both gazes meet
war will it bring
sickness will it bring
madness will it bring
but so does comfort
but so does peace
but so does safety
but so does success

will it bring.
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