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January 2, 2015

What a messy day. Or Im too careless

Hello there little fellas, how have you been?

To be perfectly honest, my life now is more kinda like a huge pile of clothes waiting to be folded where you can't simply find a bit of your time to fold them down though the very sight of such piles are a great eyesores to you. To make matter worse, the piles seems to add up every seconds. So now you are not only left with a pile, but also a few more piles in waiting queue! Yep, that's right, that appropriately what my life has been for the time being.

I seriously need an escape, a true escape where you gone to foreign land and discover new things there. I initially thought that I might succeed in escaping my responsibilities as a student by going back to my house every day but that doesn't seems to work. Home is like a nest, a sanctuary for this restless and messed up mind. However my commitments had enforced me to go back to the hustle bustle of undergrads and I had been going to and fro from home to my uni everyday this week. How I wish time will magically stops so I can work my way for a while before I push the play button again. 

Whatever it is, I am terribly sorry if I've been too messed up that I might miss you out and don't stop for a chat like I usually do. I'm sorry for not showing up a genuine smile upon my face, for not being all giddy and excited, for being silent rather that being all chatty like  my usual self. 

I can't even took a deep breath. Literally! 

Things, fortunately, are beginning to slow down now, thank Allah! Perhaps because I finally managed to sit down and having it all figured out. At least, despite all the waiting list of works and happenings this month, everything was finally sorted out and organised so I can settle things down one by one. Hope all is well then. Good day!

p/s: I've lost my laptop during my busy course of life. He has been there for me as He has always been. So, it's okay then. After all, He is always there for us, isn't it? :)

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