It just fun to write without being interrupted

June 17, 2014

Father's day many images come to mind 
whenever I speak your name; 
It seems without you in my life 
things will never been the same. 

What happened to those lazy days 
when I was just a child; 
When my life was consumed in you 
in your love, and in your smile. 

What happened to all those times 
when I always looked to you; 
No matter what happened in my life 
you could make my gray skies blue. 

Some days I hear your voice 
and turn to see your face; 
Yet in my seems 
the sound has been erased. 

Ayah, who will I turn to for answers 
when life does not make sense; 
Who will be there to hold me close 
when the pieces just don't fit. 

If I could turn back time 
and once more hear your voice; 
I'd tell you that out of all the dads 
you would still be my choice. 

No one can take your place; 
Years may come and go 
but your memory will never be erased. 

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