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March 24, 2017

Smile because it happened

I have cried, smiled, wept, and laughed. I have been liked, disliked, loved, and ignored. Some of these experiences will remain forever a flower in my heart, some of them will go and be washed away with times. I have lived a life, not yet long enough to claim for wisdom, but surely long enough to say for certain that five years from now, I will probably forget those that make me cry, weep, feel ignored, and everything else trivial but I will never forget those that make me smile, laugh, feel loved and everything else that even lines of a poem can't do justice. Thank you for those who've wished me wonderful things, warmed me with words, cheered me up with hugs and gifts. And for those who gave me warmed wishes and written notes, you guys really made my day. Terima kasih. I can't thank you enough :)
DKSH (Oct 14- Mar 17)

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