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October 10, 2012

Worth every moment

We’ve been together long enough to know each other well,
the moments spent together were wonderful, only time could tell.
You bring me to new places though only for a cup of tea,
It is amusing how much a soul could mean to me.
Then all of a sudden things changed and I don’t know why,
we kept on fighting even when saying goodbye.
Even after trying hard it still remains the same,
the sparkle has disappeared and everything turned lame.
Seeing that probably the best thing to do was to move on,
I knew I had to say something today before dawn.
The thought that we will be happier without each other
really scares my mind, heart and thoughts more than ever.
If only there was still a chance for us,
I would stop making such a big fuss.
You see, being with you was worth every moment,
It will take forever to find another replacement.

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