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February 5, 2013


           I bumped into him on my way to class today. The sun shone so brightly that he looked as if he was sparkling under it. His messy hair, broad shoulders and dark eyes were like a set of Cartier in a glass box with lights focusing on it. Well, he always looks good. Be it under the sun or in the mud. Honestly, I love the days where I’ll run into him, dressing presumably nicely, and him in his pilot-ish uniform. I noticed that his cheeks are chubbier. I assumed he's eating well. So, that's good. I didn't realize that I was staring at him for quite a long time until he cast me a polite smile.  That awkward smile, an acknowledgment of how we actually know each other, however not that close, only from a number of mutual friends.


            I've always wanted to keep that very smile curves up on his face every day. Always I fantasize myself lulling him whenever unpleasant emotions overwhelm him. For he brings calmness in me. It was stormy before, but at the moment, he's like a soft wind blowing on my face. He does that to me, he always brings peace. And it’s inevitable not to imagine doing things with him, but of course, nothing psychotic or dirty. Maybe it is just us hanging out, almost no talking but silently enjoying the awaken sun after a long rain.


             We never really have the chance to say “It’s nice meeting you”. Quickly, I just smiled back at him. A smile of I Wish You Every Happiness in which I believe didn't look anything like it. Then, we went separate ways. That was when my key chain broke off from the ring connected to my bag. It fell down and made a sharp sound as it touched the marble floor. I turned around to get my key chain  The place that day was very quiet and almost vacant. There was nobody. He’s gone. Heh. Somebody sure walk fast.

Then I thought, Sayangnya.

              He's not superior to me now. He doesn't cause my cheeks to go warm anymore. He doesn't cause my heart to go chaotic too. Somehow, though, I do admit that he will never be forgotten. Then I heard the lift went, “Second Floor, ding!” and I continued my pace to class. True, it was just a nice day.

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