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June 9, 2015

Eat the bitter, spit out the sweet

Believe me, young man!
All you need to do
is to breathe in,
and all shall be well.
There were times
when the sky seemed so blue, you cried
and all the words that express love, changed
into the hardest ache in your heart.
When silence finally breaks in and roars
your head explodes into burdening
unsaid words
Of every thoughts of ifs and whys-
They linger around
poking each of the veins in your brains
seducing you to jump!
Jump and die!
Too many memories
Too many things
You’re blinded by the sweet promises
of suicide.
But I know you’re aware of the massacre.
It will eat you up and sing you a lullaby,
It will tell you a tale of a young man
with a good end.
Lies after lies to guarantee death,
Love is sweet ,
you once said to me,
yet you know now it’s not
as your hands burn and
your eyes shed blood
from holding too long,
hoping too much.
But why love a love that makes you
lost love to love?
Save the shame, my dear
and walk away with pride.
Put on your armour and sway your way
towards the garden without killing the white petals
for Love is a two-headed dragon
and you only need to tame one.
Believe me, young man!
All you need to do is to breathe in,
eat the bitter, spit out the sweet!
and I promise you that you shall live.

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