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July 5, 2015

I wish

It was 18th of Ramadhan already. 18 days had passed as swiftly as morning breeze that brushed upon your cheeks. How times seems running so fast and how much important things was left undone, wasted for something petty. 

18 days and I look back on how much, no how little I have achieved on this Holy Month.

I'd say if we, start of our life with 100 points and this points are the ones which determined whether we passed to enter Jannah or not. In life, points are added and subtracted, humans are judged by how many points left by the end of his/her life. What if death comes calling for time out, what was left of my points? Will I pass this ultimate test?

If wealth is measured by our Iman & devotions, I'm sure I'm in the state of poverty. It seems to me that I've been lost, blinded by the blinding lights of the worldly things unable to see clearly the beautiful rays of the hereafter. 

How I wish I'd do more.
I wish I am richer in terms of iman & devotions. 

Have blessful Ramadhan,
pray to Allah, do devotions,
forgive & seek forgiveness, 
you'll never now when your life ends.
this is a personal reminder to myself n those who reads.

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