It just fun to write without being interrupted

February 20, 2016

I miss writing

I miss writing. My language suck now.

I miss writing. I miss writing so freely where I don't care whatever people might think or assume from reading my words and thoughts. I miss making art through words in poetry, through acts in theatre, through colours in painting even they all suck big time. I think there is one point at my life when I start to realise that my thoughts and views can be different, that it can be hurtful, that it can only be understood by my own secluded self and a few minds that shared the same notions of life with me. 

I don't know when I start have negative notion with people. 
I want to reverse that moment if possible. 
I want to believe that people are good (even when they are not).
I want to give hopes.
I want to dream back.
I want to go for greater things.

Last year was seriously a dark abyss for me.
Despite some great achievements, some awaited items in my wishlist crossed,
I was in a solemn mood most of the time.
Depressing and dark.
Just dark.

And I wish to never return there anymore,
now that I'm beginning to see light.

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