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May 23, 2013


I have grown fond to Sci-Fi, Superhero Action Pack movies or what I used to call "Boy Movies". I thought I'd never like Sci-Fi. My brother used to be so engaged with Star Wars and there I was, beside him, thinking, Meh, another fiction about politics. But now I know how it feels to like Sci-Fi. :DDDD

In the case of superhero movies, they have been instilled in me since I was little but never actually grow much  till, well, now. I'm imagining myself being Loki, stuck in my ugly childhood, wishing I could change the future and went off track and killed everybody instead. lol. Look at me, wishing I'm a villain Herp herp

And Benedict in Star Trek, OMG. He was all, my crew, my family, and I was all STAAAHHHPPP IM GONNA CRYYYY (talk about massive drama catharsis). Him shooting in Kronos was *omg, I iz droolin for hours*. Instantly, I want to learn to shoot like that too!! (ok. ok. I need to calm down.)
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*using the Force*

OK. Ironman 3 it is.


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