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April 23, 2014

Computer Application blog

Assalamualaikum. Hello.
being a final year student is quite tough. there's a lot lot lotss of course works.
ahh forget it.
ive been recently works on a blog with my group mates as a course requirement for the subject ENGL4740, Computer Application in Language Studies under the tutelage of our dearest lecturer Dr. Rozina Abdul Ghani.  

By making this blog, we will be sharing with all of you the information that we gather in class related to the subject specifically and also the subject that we decided to study which is Pragmatics. The reason why we choose this subject is because we want to explore more about Pragmatics not only from western view but also from Islamic perspective.We will try to provide you with the best information needed to give you clear understanding about this subject.
Our hope is that all the information that we posted will benefits us. 

click here to access to our blog.

Happy reading! :)

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