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May 21, 2016

See the goodness in the heart

Macam kelakar pun ada bila ada orang buat cerita aku hack laman social dia, hebat sangat ke aku nak hack? what a life. Semoga Allah beri petunjuk :)

"I do not understand why you would go out of your way to hurt each other, when life can already hurt so much" - I wrote this for you

How can I make you see that there's nothing you can gain from having too much hate in your life? I pity you for seeing the worst in everyone and everything. Haven't it occurred to you how exhausting it was? Please let it go. Let it all go. Life's a beauty you'll never see if you let your eyes obscured with negativity. This is the time to be happy & content. I shall wait for you across the road, where everything is pretty and colorful despite all the chaosity, absurdity & malarkey. 

Oh by the way,

I'm no good either but that's why I don't resort to hatred and passing judgement.

I'm no good really and that's why I won't be adding any more syillings on my book of sins.

I do realise all my flaws & imperfections, there's too much in fact. And because of that I had enough for what happened in the past, even though its really not me who has started, I'd tried to calm down but my young blood got me defeated which let me said something rude. Let only Allah knows. I've forgotten all and I am sorry for everything. I've changed. But when this things up again and I heard bout this nonsense rumors, I really disappointed. It makes me clueless on how to react.  

Don't mess with people. Who are we to mess with them beside God?

Dan ingatlah,

"Bila kita menghina orang lain sesungguhnya kita sedang memperlihatkan kehinaan akhlak kita sendiri. Berhati-hatilah apabila berkata-kata"

"Nak fitnah, nak umpat, nak jatuhkan orang lain, nak bash, ingat satu perkara... Dosa kita dengan manusia bukan Allah yg ampunkan melainkan orangnya sendiri"

Saya percaya memaafkan boleh membuat hati kita tenang,
Semoga hidayah Allah milik kita semua..

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