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December 20, 2016

Flirty Friends

Reminiscence of past conversation:

"Hi. You doin OK ke?"
"Well, I'd say, separuh OK. sighh..."
"Oh? Well, what can I do to fulfill the other half? wink wink"

Flirty friends.
-They are both a friend and a person who flirts a lot. To me, they are generally harmless. However, these people should not be permitted to just flirt where ever, whenever they want. Fitnah, yes, tend to happen if flirting is done unwisely. So, flirty friends are quite harmful too sometimes. Especially if the activity affects the well-being of the friendship; normally if it causes misunderstandings among non-involved people. To me, the safest way to flirt on the friendly basis is to be done privately, just among the two. It's really unnecessary to flirt in front of everybody since such flirting is understood to be an act of "fooling around" or, I'm-bored-so-lets-flirt. In other words, its purpose is to delight the emotions or, to brush up pick-up lines skills, maybe. Personally, I think it's OK to do this with friends. And I mean, with only single friends that is. Hurmm... but well, somehow, I think when flirting is inevitable, it is also at the same time, pointless. So, why are we doing this, again? idk.

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