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December 24, 2016

Strong enough

A secret that was told too much
Flew from ear to mouth
They talk about my feelings
They talk about who I am inside
One secret is all they need and
They think they know me oh-so-well
Though none got me right and all got me wrong
Still despite it all, I was stripped naked
I was standing in front of them all
Powerless of saying or doing anything
When all I want to do is cry myself to sleep
They told me to put on a strong face
They told me to fight it
Yes, they were my pick-me-ups; I can’t deny it
When all I want to do is stay, flattened
on the ground and just weep
They told me to put up a brave front
They told me to hold the fort, don’t run
As if what I am doing right now is not brave enough
As if my tears shouldn’t fall or kept as pools in my eyes
When all I want to do is cry myself to scream
Let me grieve and let me weep so I can feel
After all the pain I have hidden
After all the tears I have forgotten
Still they think I am not strong enough

Hey you,
If I was not, you would not be standing here
but near my graveyard stone, you would be standing on dear.

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