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February 20, 2017

Happy Belated Birthday, Ummi

Due to my recklessness in verifying the date (all kind of numbers actually), I miscalculated my mom birthday and my Mom didn't actually say anything when my Sister wished her. Thus, please accept my apology with this poem. It is nothing, and I honestly took quite some time to find for the correct words and wordings. I am pretty sure that this poem will look and sound more beautiful if I were to have a wider knowledge of vocabulary and a better sense of English grammar :)

Gabriel’s wings’ emerald
Your smiles, galaxies in the outer space,
Your prayers, the seventh heaven’s orders,
Your advice, an ancient Chinese jade of an Emperor.

You're the Queen of My Heart,
You're the wisdom of a Raflessia and I am the hopeless insect that stays inside you,
You're a spring and I am the land that you shower, 
You are a recipe book, and I am a lousy learner,
You're the sound of the rain drops on the roof that make me sleep comfortably,
You're the hope like green grass in the midst of yellow summer.
You're the spirit in the morning, like a red ripe strawberry on the pancakes,
You're a life's complementary, like a sprinkle of Indian tumeric powders to the curry.

Your teary eyes when you're praying for me, like crystal snowflakes under the microscope,
Your blessings, the vertical sight of a kid's first step,
Your jokes, crispy like golden honey cornflakes,
Your love, flowing Niagara fall.
Your mercy, a soft forehead kiss,
Your beauty, a seven year old's heart-shape carving on a tree.

An angel in human disguise.

My Everything. my perfection, my reflection, my affection.

P/s: I am sorry for any grammatical mistake. I know there are a lot but I just can't put my finger on it. I am still a lousy when it comes to grammar. Tsk :'(

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